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Privacy Policy

We ask that you please carefully read our Privacy Policy, which applies every time you access the website and, more generally, to every time you navigate on it and use its services, independently of whether or not you purchase products. We also ask that you read, if you have not done so already, the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICES, SALES AND DELIVERY of the because they contain important information, including information on privacy and on the security systems adopted by the website.

Whenever you give us your personal information we will use it in accordance with applicable privacy laws and for the purposes set out in this policy, on the data entry forms you complete, in any relevant terms and conditions and on pages or emails which link to the data entry forms.

1. Our policy

Everyone is entitled to protection of their personal data. RILUC respects the right of their users to be informed of the collection and other operations processing their personal data. When processing data that may directly or indirectly identify you, we try and follow a principle of strict necessity.

Your personal data is primarily processed in electronic format and in such case also in paper format, such as, for example when the processing of your data is needed to prevent fraud on

2. How we use your personal data and for what purposes

Your personal data are collected and processed for purposes strictly related to the proper use of the website and its information services. Your personal information may also be used in other processing operations, however, in a manner in line with these purposes. In particular, your personal data may be processed for the following purposes:

• within the context of the website registration processes, we collect your personal data using the relative registration form in order to provide you with the services to access the reserved areas and services of the and to send the newsletter by email, where expressly requested;

• to provide customer care services, we collect your personal data for the purposes needed to provide you with all of the information regarding services of the and the purchase of products on;

• within the context of the processes for purchasing products on we collect your personal data, through the order form for the sale of products on;

• within the context of the request for technical assistance services, we collect your personal data in order to provide you with information regarding problems with navigation, browser compatibility and visualisation or downloading of webpages of

3. What happens if you do not release your personal data

Entry of your personal data for RILUC, and in particular your personal details, email address, mailing address and telephone number, is needed to enter into the contract to purchase products on

Some of this data could, vice versa, be essential to provide other services that are rendered on the website at your request, or to perform obligations deriving from legal or regulatory norms.

Any refusal to provide RILUC with such data that is needed for those purposes could make it impossible to perform the contract to purchase the products on or to provide other services that are available on

4. What are Cookies

We collect information about your use of our online services using cookies. Cookies are very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other device, which we can access when you visit our site in future. Cookies help us remember who you are and other information about your visits. They can help display the information on a website in a way that matches your interests. Most major websites use cookies, uses cookies to improve performance and enhance your user experience. This policy provides details on how it works.

5. How information may be used

Whenever you give us your personal information we will use it in accordance with applicable privacy laws and for the purposes set out in this policy, on the data entry forms you complete, in any relevant terms and conditions and on pages or emails which link to the data entry forms.

Tracking how our online services are used: We collect information from lots of visitors to our online services and analyse it to build up a picture of how people use our websites. This helps us improve the services we offer.

Customization of our online services and advert targeting: We may use the information you give us about yourself and the information we collect via cookies when you use our online services to build up a picture of your interests. We may then use this information to try to make sure that when we send you marketing communications and when you visit our websites or use our online services, you don't miss offers and information that might interest you. This is called advert targeting or interest-based advertising.

Testimonials: If you give us feedback, we may use it to improve our services and we may publish it online or offline to promote our business and our services. We will ask for your permission before we publish it.

Comments and reviews submitted to our online services: If you wish to submit a comment or feedback on a blog or article featured on our services, we may (but are not obliged to) publish your comment online or offline to promote our business and our services. We will collect your name or username which will be displayed next to your comment and e-mail address, which will not be published, but which we may use to contact you in relation to your comment.

Mobile services: When you request our mobile services, we may keep your mobile phone number, the make and model of your phone, the operating system used by your phone and details of your network operator, and we will link a unique identifier to your mobile phone number. We’ll store your device language, app language, country. We need this information in order to provide the features and services enabled through our mobile services and to administer our mobile service. We may also use it for SMS or voice marketing and market research.

Social networks: If you follow us or interact with us on any of our pages on third party social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+, information you provide will be subject to the third party’s privacy policy, as well as this privacy policy.

Customer surveys: Every now and again, we may ask you for your opinion on our services and the products you have purchased through our services. When we do research or surveys, we may use cookies and may combine the information collected by those cookies with your answers.

6. Who we will share your personal information with

RILUC does not sell, rent, license, trade or otherwise disclose the personal information of this Web site visitor to unaffiliated third parties. RILUC may disclose information about you if and when it is necessary to comply within the law or enforce our legal rights to protect our business, property and operation.

7. Marketing opt-in and opt-out provision

We offer you the chance to receive news and fashion updates which, depending on your preferences, we will discuss with you by phone or live chat or send to you via email, SMS and/or direct mail. These include alerts for new products, features, enhancements, and special offers, upgrade opportunities, contests, events of interest, and one-off marketing promotions. You can opt-out of receiving these updates, if you wish.

Marketing communications you subscribe to, will only be sent by us.

You have the right to ask us not to use your personal information for marketing. At all times, we will offer you the opportunity to unsubscribe from any service or update to which you have subscribed, if you change your mind.

8.Links to other websites contains links to other websites that may not have a connection to RILUC do not control or perform monitoring operations on these websites and their content. RILUC may not be held liable for the content of these sites and the rules they have adopted, including with regard to your privacy and the processing of your personal data during your navigation operations. We thus ask that you pay attention when you connect to these websites through the links presented on our websites, and that you carefully read their conditions of use and privacy regulations. The Privacy Policy of does not apply to third party websites, nor is RILUC in any way liable for the privacy policy that is applied by said websites.

9. Security measures

We have adopted security measures so as to reduce to a minimum the risks of destruction or loss, including accidental loss, of the data itself, unauthorised access or processing that has not been approved or which does not comply with the purposes of collection indicated in our Privacy Policy.

However, RILUC cannot guarantee to their users that the measures adopted for the security of the website and the transmission of data and information on limit or exclude any risk of unapproved access or dissemination of data. We advise you to make sure that your computer is equipped with adequate software to protect the transmission of data over the web, both in terms of transmission and receipt (such as up-to-date antivirus systems) and that your Internet services provider has adopted appropriate measures to ensure safe Internet data transmission.

10. Changes and updates to this Privacy Policy

RILUC may modify or simply update, in part or in full, the Privacy Policy of, including in consideration of changes in the legal rules or regulations, which govern this subject area and protect your rights. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy of will be indicated to users on the Homepage of as soon as they are adopted, and shall be binding as soon as they are published on the website in that same section. We ask that you therefore regularly access this section to check on the most recent and updated publication of the Privacy Policy of